Let's Gro for a Walk: a Jane's Walk in Groningen

Next November LVBLCITY will be taking part in Let’s Gro festival in Groningen, the Netherlands. Groningen is a vibrant and pleasant city to live in! But why? During the festival Lior will lead a Jane’s Walk, similar to the one we had in Stockholm few months ago.

Goningen. Picture by Nynke de Jong.

We will try to identify the four main conditions needed for a city district to be successful according to Jane Jacobs: district should possess various purposes such as shopping, working, living, and culture. There must be a sufficiently dense concentration of people, for whatever purposes they may be there. A district should consist of different types of buildings; old and modern. And lastly, streets and opportunities to turn corners must be frequent.

Jane Jacobs was a writer and city activist best known for her influence on urban studies. In 1962 Jane, together with a part of New York's inhabitants, prevented the construction of the Lower Manhattan Highway. She is also known for her efforts to protect existing neighborhoods from “slum clearance”. 50 years later she is still seen as one of the most influential urban planners this world has seen. She died in 2006.

The walk is completely free and meant for anyone interested in Urban Life, and not just for urban planners and architects.

We will meet inside the Spiegeltent, behind Stadhuis Groningen (Waagplein) on Saturday, November 22th at 11:30AM. Look for a person holding a banner. To conclude the tour, we will grab some free coffee and cake at a café in the city center. There we will have a discussion about what we've seen and exchange our thoughts on the city

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