Public spaces: the best show in town

On Wednesday I had a free day and went to meet Sascha for a fika in town (we sat at 6/5/4, highly recommended café!). I was walking through Medborgarplatsen, when I suddenly noticed people of all ages watching the best show in town. At first glance, I wasn't sure what they were looking at.

The people sitting on the benches were looking at the most interesting thing in the city: the people! It’s not a cliché, just count how many people are enjoying the sunny public space, looking at the passers-by. Some matches in the Swedish football league don't attract this many spectators!

I invite elected officials and urban planners/designers to the front row to watch the show. You can bring a homemade sandwich, buy a coffee at 7-Eleven, take a sit, and think how to stop planning empty places and start creating more livable cities!

Written by Lior Steinberg. Follow him on Twitter and .