Jane’s Walk is Over

Last Saturday around 30 Stockholmers gathered at Nytorget for the first ever Jane’s Walk in Sweden. I had the honor to organize this year Stockholm’s event and meet a large group of city enthusiasts.

For those who haven’t been there on Saturday, you still have a chance to experience the walk. I have created the tour also on Google Earth, so that no matter where you are in the world, you can still see how Jacob’s four criteria for a good neighborhood are present at Nytorget.

You can download the file here and open it with Google Earth. For more help, read here.

The four criteria are:

  1. The Need for Mixed Primary Uses - “The district, and indeed as many of its internal parts as possible, must serve more than one primary function; preferably more than two. These must insure the presence of people who go outdoors on different schedules and are in the place for different purposes, but who are able to use many facilities in common".
  2. The Need for Small Blocks - "Most blocks must be short; that is, streets and opportunities to turn corners must be frequent".
  3. The Need for Aged Buildings - "The district must mingle buildings that vary tn age and condition, including a good proportion of old ones".
  4. The Need for Concentration - "There must be a sufficiently dense concentration of people, for whatever purposes they may be there" (Quotes by Jane Jacobs in Death and Life of Great American Cities).

If you haven’t yet read Jabob’s Death and Life of Great American Cities, you can check out the City Builder Book Club, in which several bloggers have read the book and shared their opinions.

Picture by Sascha Benes

Picture by Sascha Benes

Thanks again for those who came! I hope that next year we will have more walks in Stockholm. As I realized last week, we have so much to learn from each other, and the best way to do it is go out and walk.

Written by Lior Steinberg. Follow him on Twitter and .