LVBLinks - People, Music and Mopeds

Make Music STHLM festival took place last friday in Stockholm. Local bands popped up and played at the streets of Södermalm, during a sunny day that proved that private cars in the city center are such a nuisance. Each show attracted a small crowd of spectators, completely ignoring the division between sidewalks and roads. Drivers who did dare to enter the crowded streets of Södermalm, had to crawl between music lovers that payed no attention to any honking or hand gesture. Lovely and livable.

Here are the latest interesting links about cities. We call it LVBLinks:

  • While Stockholmers taking over the roads for one day, Amsterdam wants to move mopeds from the bike lanes to the roads once and for all. The great blog Bicycle Dutch is explaining the situation in the Dutch capital, while reporting on the latest developments.
  • Would You Pay $1,000 Once to Get Free Beer for Life? Apparently many people would, because a new funding method is catching in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The idea is simple: you support a local business by paying once a high fee, and in return you get free beer/coffee/sandwiches for the rest of your life (as long as the business exists).
  • Sascha has just published his results from an interesting project he carried out in Örebro, Sweden. Here you can read some background.
  • A TED talk by Danny Harris about his mission to speak everyday with a stranger in his city, Washington DC.
  • Most of the articles on the Guardian Cities are a bit long, especially when you want to read a about cities with your morning coffee. Anyhow, some of them are worth it. For instance, this recent article about the way videogames are going to reshape our cities.

(Pictures: Lior Steinberg)

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