Coconut by the Pool. Taking a Short Summer Break

Hej hej readers,

June is over and Stockholm is getting warmer, it’s time for a really short break. During July we won’t be posting regularly at the websites, since we are both taking a vacation from studies, work and the blog, hoping to stay away from our computer and keyboards.  

We started LVBLCITY in March - yeah, we know, blink of the eye in internet time- and we are still surprised about the amount of readers it attracted. If you missed some of our posts during these few months, here is a short summary: we wrote from Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dortmund, Örebro and even a Swedish slum. We arranged a free walking tour in Stockholm; wondered why trees drop sticky goo; explained how Berlin’s buses are heaven for fare-dodgers; checked what influence barriers have on people; and analyzed the differences between cities and suburbs in terms of political voting patterns.

During July, besides laying next to pools drinking coconut milk, we will be working on some new ideas:

  1. Interviewing locals about how they feel about Stockholm.

  2. Out of Stockholm - We’ve already started the journey to find the best places to live outside of Stockholm’s city center. During the summer we will go to many other places to check them out. Have suggestions? Let us know.

  3. More guest contributions - we really want to get input from interesting locals and professionals. If you want to post here, or know someone that might be interested - contact us.

We will still be posting here during July, though not regularly. We’ll be fully back in the beginning of August. Thanks for all your interest in our work.

Have a great summer!
Sascha and Lior