7 Interesting European Urbanism Summer Schools in 2015

The summer is coming, and whether you are a student or professional, it is a great opportunity to broaden your urban planning knowledge. While our suggestion would be to book a ticket to a city you’ve never been to, and stroll, observe and learn by yourself, another option is to join an organized summer course. Last year we collected a list of few courses, and now we continue the tradition. Here are 7 interesting European urbanism summer schools in 2015.

Thinking City: Beyond Resilience

“generating innovative solutions for urban challenges, while simultaneously testing new working methods” / link

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Fee: €1,000
Dates: 03.07.2015 - 16.07.2015

Planning the Cycling City

“This graduate level programme will explore urban cycling from a Dutch perspective” / link

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Fee: €1,500
Dates: 17.07.2015 - 08.08.2015
* Notice that new applicants will be added to a waiting list.

Planning the Future: Smart and Sustainable Buildings

“Insight into hotspots of sustainable and new Austrian Design in Architecture” / link

Location: Vienna, Austria
Fee: €800 - €1050
Dates: 06.07.2015 - 24.07.2015

The Welfare City

“A welfare city, such as Helsinki, promotes the wellbeing of its citizens, sustains a balance between the needs of both nature and the people, and responds to social and ecological awareness alike” / link

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Fee: €300 - €350
Dates: 04.08.2015 - 20.08.2015

Walking through Barcelona

“This course aims to give participants an in-depth understanding of the city of Barcelona, its history, its art, and its role as a European and Mediterranean capital. ” / link

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Fee: €280 - €400
Dates: 06.07.2015 - 10.07.2015

The City and its Inhabitants

“we explore the relations between the city and its inhabitants, places and things, meaning the city like the meeting point between the material things and human behaviors” / link

Location: Rome, Italy
Fee: €800 - €2,500
Dates: 26.07.2015 - 03.08.2015

Cultural Landscapes & Urban Resilience

“The course will systematically approach an understanding of urban resilience that both connects man-made as well as natural conditions in the urban context, including scales from the urban to the building level” / link

Location: Weimar, Germany
Fee: €250 - €600
Dates: 16.08.2015 - 28.08.2015

* All the information above was found in the courses’ websites. Check the websites again, in case we’ve made a mistake.

Thumbnail image by: Jack Pease, licensed under Creative Commons