Launching Velotropolis: Cycling Knowledge Base From the World’s Cycling Capital

We are proud to officially launch the Velotropolis website!

Velotropolis is a cycling knowledge base, brought to you from the world’s cycling capital - Groningen, the Netherlands.

During the past year we’ve been running Velotropolis as project on Twitter and Instagram. The reactions were astonishing: news, pictures and videos from Groningen were viewed by tens of thousands of eyeballs around the world. This confirmed that nowadays people and cities have a thirst for knowledge about cycling.

Many cities around the world try to encourage urban biking. The measures they plan to employ have already been used, tested and revamped for decades in Groningen. Generally speaking, since the late seventies, Groningen has been solving cycling challenges that other cities are facing only now. And nowadays Groningen is dealing with the challenges of the future: overcrowded bicycle parking facilities, and building smart routes to ease bicycle congestion.

The solutions created and employed in Groningen can help cities around the world to shift towards more cycling friendly places. Groningen should take a leading role in the cycling revolution. However, we have recognized two challenges to accomplish this:

  1. While the city of Groningen and the University of Groningen have been producing extensive knowledge about cycling, most of it is written in Dutch.
  2. Local residents and professionals are so used to the bike that they sometimes miss how special Groningen is. It’s a common phenomenon in the Netherlands: the Dutch can’t see the forest for the trees. More precisely, can’t see the bike lanes for the bikes.

That’s the gap Velotropolis is filling. We observe, study and analyse cycling in Groningen, and share this knowledge with the rest of the world: from planning, through lifestyle to the bikonomy.

Velotropolis is curated by LVBLCITY and Oogstgroningen:

  • LVBLCITY is helping cities and regions to stimulate their livability through people oriented spatial planning, research, design and citizen participation efforts. We employ our research techniques on everyday cycling situations in Groningen, learning what makes it such a great cycling city. We also offer cycling tours in Groningen, so you can experience the city in person.
  • Oogstgroningen is a well established bilingual lifestyle blog from Groningen. Cycling is not only infrastructure, and Oogstgroningen is contributing with its rich experience on living in a cycling city: cafés, fashion and shopping to name a few.

If you want to stay up updated on Velotropolis, we suggest to follow its brand new website, and don’t forget to check Twitter and Instagram.